Sep. 27th, 2016 02:35 pm
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the debate last night got me fired up. my twitter was full of my anger and others' anger. I cannot see how people think trump 'started off well' when he didn't even prepare. I'm angry that people say they aren't being sexist against hillary because a black man was elected president. How about people value their sexism more than their racism. i don't like hillary, but i am with her. She is as problematic as most politicians, but she is our best bet if we want this country to survive. If he is elected the economy will collapse and we will have no external allies except putin which is more of a nightmare than an alliance. Even doing a protest vote will not help. Presidents are not elected by just the popular vote, but the internal vote. Some states don't even have other options on the ballot. I like Jill Stein, sure, but she is not going to win fam. Everyone knows how a pie chart works, if you add more to her triangle and less to hillary's, trump's is only going to get bigger and bigger. And I am scared because i do not know what will happen to me, my friends, my community....if trump wins no one knows what will happen and if you think it's bad now, it will only get worse. i mean for fuck's sake he thinks china is behind global warming how can anyone support that horse shit

Date: 2016-10-01 05:40 am (UTC)
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I have had to serve two customers now wearing Trump buttons or shirts and I just.


Hillary at least has to HIDE that she's a racist warmongering piece of shit, and PRETEND that she cares about oppressed people, mainly women, LGBT people, and people of color (esp black people.)

Trump just doesn't give a shit.

I mean. Im not for "lesser-of-two-evil"ism but right now, a revolution aint happening before the election and we have to vote Hillary to minimize the damage. She's still shit and evil but she is at least forced to be less shit and evil than Trump.

The real fix comes after this bullshit is over and whenever people actually get up and riot for an overhaul of the voting system. I mean. Reforms won't take down capitalism and some oppose reforms as a distraction from that goal, but at least having a voting system like Australia would get rid of this first-past-the-post voting bullshit and allow for the possibility of more than two parties being viable options. In our current system, I mean besides the fact that the electoral college is REALLY who's voting here, lets be honest, a third party candidate literally cannot win.

So. yeah.

Tl;dr fuck those guys, fuck America, fuck everything, burn it all down, down with capitalism.


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